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Confessions From My Entrepreneurial Journey

In 2018, I published my first autobiography, “Zero to Tesla: Confessions From My Entrepreneurial Journey”. The memoir chronicles my bankruptcy at the age of 31, diagnosis of bipolar disorder, and all the business successes that followed

By providing support through real life experience, I believe this helps pave the way for a shorter path to success and help people empower their ability to be their own entrepreneurs.

My mission lies with inspiring the next generation to take risks that no rational person would consider reasonable and to achieve success that no ordinary person would consider probable.

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Can you bring success down to just one word, concept or trait that might help you predict it? If it’s possible, then maybe I can focus on that trait to teach my kids.

Optimism? Curiosity? Perseverance? No, none of those quite covers it.

Sanjay Singhal

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