Zero To Tesla: Confessions From My Entrepreneurial Journey

In 1996, at the age of thirty-one, Sanjay Singhal had just driven his second company into the ground, declared bankruptcy, and gotten a divorce. This book is the story of how he got there, got over it, and learned to enjoy the failures almost as much as the successes. 

Now as one of Canada’s most sought-after and successful startup investors, Sanjay’s story will inspire you to take risks that no rational person would consider reasonable and to achieve success that no ordinary person would consider probable.

All profits from this book will go to supporting the League of Innovators. This Canadian Charity aims to assist those who seek to climb the ladder of success in entrepreneurship. It offers educational experiences and a suite of accessible programs and tools to help accelerate and amplify success.

Key Numbers Associated With This Book:

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145 copies of this book made per tree (infinite if you’re reading the ebook!)